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What is a Boiler ?

Boiler is any enclosed vessel where heating of fluid or gas takes place. The point to be noted that the vessel must be “Enclosed” for the heating to take place.  And hence a “Pressure Cooker” can also be called as a Boiler.

How is Thermal Power Plant Boiler is different from other Boiler ?

In Thermal Power Plant Boiler, Coal is burnt to heat up the water. The fuel is burnt inside the Boiler, whereas the water which is heated runs in tubes on the surface of the Boiler.

Thermal Power Plant Boilers are different because of the complexity of the process and different types of system involve in the entire combustion process.

What do you mean by complexity of the process and the system involves ?

The primary aim of any thermal combustion system is to maximize the efficiency. i.e, net output energy we get, by input energy. The boiler designed in Thermal Power Plant serves the above end.

In Boilers differential heating takes place, and each area of the boiler has got different temperature. To maximize efficiency it is important to construct/assemble water tube in the way to maximize heat absorption by conduction, which gives rise to different process.

Ok, but what are the system involved ?

The following system is involved that are Economizer, Pre-heater and Re-heater.

In Civil Point of view, how is Boiler erected ?

To be answered

Since Coal burns at such a high temperature, what are the materials used to withstand such a high temperature ?

The boiler is lined with steel tube where feed water is boiled  to produce steam. Most of the Boiler structure is made up of steel.

Schematic Section of the Boiler

Section Boiler


  1. mitesh permalink

    what is the difference between chinese boiler and GE boiler ??

  2. chandan kumar permalink

    if i will not use the boiler in thermal power plant then,” what happen”
    on the place of boiler, can we use the other items

    • Paulkumar Ramaiah permalink

      Then you cannot set up thermal power plant….How the thermal power plant could be without steam? How to generate steam without boiler?

    • khmitesh permalink

      Boiler is used to heat water , so to convert into steam, which in turn drives the turbine. If we do not use boiler, then what are the other processes through which we can convert into steam ??

      • Subhajit permalink

        see dude, water can be converted to steam only by heating. So in order to heat the water, many other processes can be used like 1. converging sunlight to a point by mirrors and lenses(though this technology has not yet been used) 2. heating water by nano particles and sunlight. You can see this site for more details:(

      • khmitesh permalink

        yes, I agree to you.

        But Boiler is a place where “Water is converted into steam”; so even if you put mirror and lenses , or concentrate the solar power, or use nano particle; ultimately it will be heated somewhere; and that place is the boiler (conceptually).

  3. chandan kumar permalink

    what types of material are used to boiler make?

    • khmitesh permalink

      the materials used in Boiler are steel. Actually in thermal power plant, Boiler are pipes that are going all around the combustion of gases. The pipes are high heat conducter inside, but outside they are insulated.

      • shadab sheikh permalink

        the material of boiler is alloy steel with the carbon percentage of less than 0.35.

      • khmitesh permalink

        thanks for the information, Mild steel contains 0.25% of carbon, and high strength steel contains 1.5% of carbon ; but as the carbon % is increased so is the brittleness. In Boiler it is a match between high strength and brittlenss; and that is why suppose 0.35 is the correct.

        And also according to wiki, 0.35% carbon makes it good for welding.

  4. aayeshasamreen permalink


  5. kudupudi.gopalakrishna permalink

    Pressure Cooker” can not be be called as a Boiler as per IBR act

  6. kudupudi.gopalakrishna permalink

    as per as IBR act boiler means any closed vessel exceeding 22.75 liters in capacity witch is used expressly for generating steam under pressure.and including any mountings or fittings attached to sush vessel.

    • khmitesh permalink

      Thanks for the definition, I agree Pressure Cooker cannot be called as a boiler. But for “lay man” understanding, i use the idea of a “pressure cooker”. The idea of this blog, is to let even a layman understand something about Thermal power plant.

  7. srinivas permalink

    Materials of boiler are panels used, its like tubes these material SA335 GR P22

  8. I really desired to present this particular blog post,
    “Boiler | Thermal Power Plant” with my pals on facebook or twitter.
    I reallymerely planned to pass on ur fantastic posting!
    Regards, Dwight

  9. pankaj permalink

    what materials are use to make boiler pipe.

    • khmitesh permalink

      Since the coal burns around 1400 degree celcius, Stainless Steel ( with some alloy added) are used, which can withstand a temperature of about 1600 degree.

  10. ajit permalink

    can you please explain on gas boiler ?

  11. kavitha permalink

    if i will not use the boiler in thermal power plant then,” what happen”
    on the place of boiler, can we use the other items

    • khmitesh permalink

      Since, the only way we can harness power by burning fossil fuel is through “Steam generation – turbine movement”; hence we cannot use anything in place of boiler.

      If you have any ideas, then we can explore it.

  12. Sonu permalink

    Could u plz provide me a ppt on thermal power plant in a simplest form so that i may clear doubts of my self n of my clas mates too

  13. Prince kumar permalink

    I want to know that power plant

  14. Bhojraj permalink

    Working principal of afbc boiler

  15. Aneesh c s permalink

    Very nice view

  16. 2ravikanth permalink

    What are the differences between Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler (CFBC) and a Pulverized Coal Boiler (PC)?

  17. Jayant permalink

    How much is the ideal pressure inside a Thermal Power Plant boiler?

  18. raju permalink

    i want to know different types material used in thermal power plant please help

  19. elangkanal permalink

    What is the difference between thermal power boilers and heating boilers

    • khmitesh permalink

      A boiler is used to convert water into steam, so conceptually all the boilers are same; But the difference lies in the following

      1. How the water is heated ; through pipes or directly like in a vessel ?
      2. The design part or the maximum steam to be generated ? this will need design thinking
      3. The third part is the efficiency, how much efficiency you want.

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